A Reason for Self Denial

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Scripture Reference:  1 Peter 4:1-11

In our text today Peter presentat another difficult idea - self denial.  though history is filled with fascinating and romantic stories of men and women who denied themselves in order to save others, most of us would rather read about such persons than become one.

Peter says to deny yourself:

To experience life the way God intends

  • Denying yourself, in addition to avoiding immoral or illegal behavior, really is the key to a fulfilling life.

To experience eternity the way God intents

  • Our works don't save us so Peter says without Christ we won't withstand divine scruity.
  • Our attitude on earth about eternity to come affects the quality of that future experience.
  • The life there will be spiritual so start living spiritually now.

To experience community the way God intends

  • Peter describes the church as a loving community, a forgiving community, a welcoming community and a serving community.

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